Behind this movie
Direction : Amal Neerad
Production : Amal Neerad Productions
Distribution : August Cinema
Cinematography : Amal Neerad
Music Director : Rahul Raj
Cast : Indrajith Rahman Kalabhavan Mani Asif Ali Vinayakan Nithya Menen Prithviraj

About this movie

Former mobster Tony (Asif Ali) lives quietly with his wife, Neethu (Nithya Menon), and his newborn child in a nondescript villa, having turned over a new leaf. But vengeful underworld don Prakash Kamath (John Vijay) - whom Tony and friends once tried to assassinate - has dispatched a pair of his henchmen to cut that peaceful existence short. Once arrived, gangsters Ayyappan (Kalabhavan Mani) and Fakeer (Vinayakan) find a second pair-Benny (Rahman) and Geevarghese (Indrajith)- determined to protect Tony. After a brief showdown, the whole group comes to an uneasy truce, lay their weapons down and bond over dinner-after all, these men grew up together.


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